The company offers to its customers other service: the electrical design.

This activity is one of the most important for our company because it becomes in the base of the machine / plant development.

There are a lot of advantages to start from the electrical design, among these advantages we find the following: setting up the ideal PLC, knowing what are the ideal electrical accessories for the project, knowing quickly what are the electrical devices that should be controlled and identifying where is the problem.

The company uses the appropriate software for developing the electrical design: SPAC AUTOMAZIONE.

Using the design software we're able to genarate automatically the documents that are useful to purchase the accessories and its replacement parts if it's necessary, it also generate the symbol list, the index schema, The representation of the terminals blocks, cables and wiring and it's possible to manage the electrical design with summary tables (it depens of the customer request).

Normally the electrical design is divided in two parts: the documentation part and the electrical part.

The documentation part contains the customer information, the industrial plant / machine information, there are pages where you can find information about the regulation and laws to develop the electrical design as well as the development of the distribution board. the summary tables are useful to get an easily reading of the electrical design document.

Subsequently The electrical design can be divided in other 2 parts: main distribution board and devices in the machine.

The electrical design is developed according the safety, which is applied on the machine using safety relays, microinterrupts for blocking, ect

The company offer another service, the possibility to remake your old distribution board and also the electrical design.


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