The ASI Engineering company has been woorking since the 1999 as an industrial software development increasing little by little its experience in the automation field.

At the beginning of its history, it worked only in the software PLC and HMI development, it had in a short time an incredible growth therefore it started to design and develop electrical distribution boards for automation machines and industrial plants, paying attention the manufacturing and the test phase.





In the 2010, as a result of the continuing growth, the company moved to its new house. The new space is composed of offices, a big workshop where we can built the electrical distribution boards, research and test software area, ect.

The company creates all kind of solutions for overcoming problems that happens during the design phase, manufacturing phase and test phase and in addition we could support customers in all the world.


Via Croce Rossa 12, 26845, Codogno           Lodi - Italy            Vat : 03071850964

Central phone: +39 0377 046035 Fax : +39 0377 041049  E-mail: ufficio@asieng.it



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