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This activity is similar to the development of HMI programming software, but there is an important difference between these, the difference is that monitoring system must be allocated in a every system which uses an operating system, this kind of software can manage all the plant without the supporting of the controllers.

The monitoring systems allow us to control all the active and important processes of the industrial plants from a point, this is the biggest vantage of this kind of systems.

Currently the company uses several monitoring systems products such as MOVICON, WINCC, InTouch della WonderWare, Superflash, Processyn, and more.

Monitoring systems are able to manage various activities such as production control, database management, data acquisition, data exporting in different kinds of files like (excel, xml, access, opc server, ect) and data forwarding to remote systems.


The animation is complete and it's possible to do complex graphic design, 3D graphic. Part movement simulates, data real-time control, represented  by  trends graphics, levels monitoring represented by specific graphics, ect.

Furthermore the monitoring systems using wireless (nowadays is the best option to avoid unwieldy and voluminous cable ) connection to communicate with the central server and in this way it's possible to dislocate physically the remote unite from the central system.


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